Our mission is to provide an opportunity for all children to play baseball and softball regardless of talent-level or experience.  We offer age-appropriate teams for both recreational and travel competencies and ensure our coaches are held to the highest standards of providing each child with the foundational tools necessary to play the sport.

Our goal each season is to provide our players with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete and perform, both within the framework of team and self, at the next level in their lives.  Whether that level is on the field, in the classroom or in the job market, we believe playing baseball or softball can develop skillsets in :


Winning is a priority to every individual and team that plays at a competitive level; however, learning what it means to compete and learning how to achieve success consistently, particularly when faced with adversity, develops character.  How we conduct ourselves in all outcomes is imperative to the growth and development of our players.


Whether we are practicing, scrimmaging, competing, or representing our team, program, or community, the Thunder program is committed to 100% effort,  a unified voice, and providing strong, moral principles in the way we approach the game.


We stress roles, competition, and playing for the name on the front of the jersey as opposed to the name on the back.  We teach our players to embrace roles, seize opportunities,  and play for a common goal.


There are many different ways to lead.   The Thunder program is dedicated to teaching our players how to display leadership in a way that is attainable to each individual.  We may not all be natural born leaders, but we can all develop leadership qualities that contribute to team success.


We believe in giving back to the community.  We request each team fulfill a Community Service Project to emphasize our gratitude for our community’s support.