Spring In-House Baseball and Softball registration is open

Registration for the 2023 Spring In-House Baseball and Softball programs are now open!

Spring BASEBALL Registration click here

Spring SOFTBALL Registration click here

We know there are a lot of options when choosing where to play ball, here are a few of the unique things we provide:

  • NO FUNDRAISING! Your registration fee is your fee, we do not have a mandatory fundraiser or additional team fees.
  • High quality facilities, our games are played at Lake in the Hills facilities located at Sunset Park and Leroy Guy Park in Lake in the Hills. These facilities are maintained by the Village, coaches and volunteers.
  • Development focused program = Our programs focus on fun and development with a slightly more laid back approach. We keep score, count outs and finish most seasons with an end of season tournament but we also work hard to balance teams and provide access to free camps for our players.
  • Opportunities for further development and an extension to the baseball season with our N60 All-Star Lightning team. This is a collection of all-star players from each age level that assemble a team to play in “part-time” travel team tournaments from May – July. This is an additional fee and not guaranteed for all players at all age levels.
  • We are one of the few community, in-house programs with our own travel program. Many of our Thunder Travel team players started out in LITHYAA In-House. We look to recruit from within as we develop players and create travel opportunities.